Stoppt den Völkermord. Beendet die israelische Apartheid. Befreit Palästina jetzt!
Ein Aufruf zu einer Massendemonstration am 2. Dezember​​​​​​​

Stop the genocide. End Israeli apartheid. Free Palestine Now!
A call for a mass demonstration on the 2 of December

Mass Demo Poster


Wir rufen die Menschen in Berlin, Deutschland und ganz Europa auf, sich uns anzuschließen und für Gaza, für Palästina, für Gerechtigkeit, für Befreiung zu demonstrieren!

Das deutsche Repressionssystem, die Polizeigewalt, die lächerlichen, gleichzeitig gefährlichen Versuche, die Solidarität mit Palästina zu diffamieren, werden uns nicht davon abhalten, zusammenzukommen und zu fordern:
– Die sofortige Beendigung des Völkermordes an den Palästinenser*innen in Gaza!
– Die Aufhebung der Belagerung und die Beendigung der Besatzung!
– Das Ende der israelischen Apartheid!
Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit für alle – vom Fluss bis zum Meer.

Zum Zeitpunkt dieses Aufrufes, sind nach 47 Tagen mehr als 14,000 Menschen von Israel ermordet worden, die Hälfte davon Kinder, und mehr als 6.000 liegen noch immer unter den Trümmern zerstörter Häuser und Schulen. Die israelische Kriegsmaschinerie hat seit Beginn ihrer Operationen 63 Journalist*innen im Gazastreifen ins Visier genommen und 31 im Westjordanland verhaftet. 77 % der gesamten Bevölkerung eines der am dichtesten besiedelten Gebiete der Welt sind vertrieben!

Wir stehen gemeinsam gegen alle Kriege, alle Völkermorde, alle Unterdrückungen weltweit. Solidarität ist unsere Waffe. Wir halten zusammen, bis die israelische Apartheid beendet, Palästina befreit und die Gerechtigkeit überall auf der Welt erreicht ist.


We are calling the people of Berlin to join us for a demonstration for Gaza, for Palestine, for justice, for liberation!

The German repressive system, the police violence, the ridiculous yet dangerous attempts to defame solidarity with Palestine has not, and will not stop us to come together and demand

The immediate end to the genocide against Palestinians in Gaza
The lift of the siege and the dismantling of the occupation
The end of Israeli apartheid
Freedom and justice for all – from the river to the sea

After 47 days of ruthless, ceaseless attack on the besieged population of the Gaza strip, and with the full and unconditional support of the United states and several EU powers, including Germany, Palestinians in Gaza are still exposed to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

We are witnessing the attempted annihilation of Palestinians in Gaza. At the same time, we are also witnessing the Palestinians immense steadfastness, their struggle for dignity, and we are heeding the call for solidarity.

As we are writing this call, 13,800 people were killed, half of them children, and more than 6000 are still under the rubbles of destroyed homes and schools. The Israeli war machine targeted 63 journalists in Gaza and detained 31 in the West Bank since the beginning of its operations. 1.7 million out of 2.2 million people are now displaced. In other words 77% of the entire population of one of the most densely populated areas on the globe are displaced!a

The Gaza strip has been completely cut off from fuel, electricity, water and food since 9th of October, with a total failure of the international community to act to save lives. The living and humanitarian conditions are horrific: 724,000 displaced people reside in UNRWA facilities, the bodies of the dead are in the streets, diseases are spreading in displacement camps, Gaza hospitals are out of service, anaesthetics are not available, limbs have to be amputated without medication.

UN-Officials have repeatedly made clear statements that Israel is violating International Law by killing civilians, targeting hospitals, schools, mosques and journalists and cutting a whole population off from basic infrastructure.

Here in Germany, the government continues to back the Israeli government and their crimes and makes itself complicit. The German government is supporting a government of ultranationalist, far-right settlers that are openly calling for revenge, incite to re-settle the Gaza strip and call for genocidal mass killings.

We say it loud and clear: no occupier has the right to self defense against besieged, starved, tortured and displaced people. Germany´s “solidarity with Israel” is a green light for all these atrocious acts of terror committed by Israel – it is solidarity with war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide. We demand that Germany

  • Ends its complicity with those crimes and injustices committed against Palestinians
  • Stops all pending criminal and deportation cases against Palestinians and those in solidarity with Palestine
  • Holds its racist police forces and those publicly inciting against Palestinians and other immigrants accountable
  • Grants the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly also to Palestinians and those in solidarity: ALL human dignity is inviolable

The German government is now exploiting the moment to pass racist and draconian laws against Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and against immigrants who express their solidarity with the Palestinian people. Intimidation, dismissal from work, persecution and threats of mass deportation, cynical usage of charges of “anti-semitism” are raised towards anyone who stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

To those brave and righteous people in solidarity with Palestine, we say: we stand together against all wars, all genocides, all oppressions worldwide. Solidarity is our weapon. Your and our Love and endurance is what kept us going for 75 years despite the brutality, the killing, the pain and the displacement of the Israeli war machine. Love and endurance will hold us together for as long as it takes to end Israeli apartheid, free Palestine and until Justice is restored everywhere on this globe.


Global South United

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